Project-driven companies must manage project estimates and resource schedules along with complex billing and time and expense management. We represent several ERP systems and integrated third party applications to create the best possible professional services automation (PSA) solution for your specific business needs.

Our objective is to do everything in our power to ensure that you are completely satisfied with every service interaction you have with our team. Supports may be logged in the support portal which also provides online access to our extensive ERP knowledge-base anytime and anywhere.

We can help. We specialize in developing bidirectional integrations to move data from one system to another paying special attention to the processes involved to ensure the data transfer is seamless, timely, and accurate.

You made a huge investment in your ERP system – both in terms of money and time. And you should get the most out of your investment. Let us help you optimize your investment and truly get the most out of your ERP system – it’s all about continuous improvement!

A project plan outlines timeframes, task assignment, task status, resource constraints (such as holidays and vacations), and provides insight into installation, data conversion, configuration, training, testing, pilot, go-live, and other major phases of the project. Project plans are typically provided by the ERP publisher or consulting organization.

Our ERP consultants are some of the best in the world. We’ve achieved the ‘Highest Customer Satisfaction Award’ presented to us by Epicor and similar awards from Sage and other vendors for our expertise and success implementing and training companies on ERP business applications.

We conduct small and large business process reviews (BPRs) to help companies map business processes to their use of ERP and other business applications. BPRs are conducted by a mix of our consulting and engineering teams with a document outlining what we learned during the discovery phase of the BPR and our recommendations for improvement.