Sage 100 is a complete solution for small and medium companies that need to automate processes, connect employees, and gain business insight.

Sage 100 Overview

Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200) is one of the best-selling SMB ERP applications in the United States from Sage, one of the five largest ERP publishers globally. Sage 100 is used by tens of thousands of companies primarily in the USA and Canada with minimal exposure outside of these two markets. Sage 100 is the next logical step up for companies outgrowing entry-level accounting software like Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, Sage 50 US, and other low-end applications. It’s also a popular choice for less sophisticated companies moving off legacy ERP systems or looking to simplify their business moving down from SME applications.

Sage 100 Brief Overview

Manage finances, inventory, and employees with Sage 100. Get a business management solution that goes beyond accounting. And unlike traditional ERP solutions, Sage won’t blow your budget. Sage 100 provides real-time accurate information no matter which industry you’re in….Read More

Inventory Optimization and the Informed Business

In a simple sense, inventory optimization is what you get when you strike the perfect balance between having enough inventory to satisfy your customer service standards while stocking as little inventory as possible….Read More

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