The ERP software selection process is not an easy one for companies in any industry. Simply put, software selection can make or break your company. The selection and implementation of this software can be one of the most tedious and costly tasks that your company takes on which is why it’s extremely important that your company’s ERP selection process is done correctly. For your selection process to be successful, you must have a firm understanding of factors such as your company’s budget, people involved, system requirements, and the time and resources required for the process.

No matter how big or small your company is, your ERP system must provide functionality to meet all business needs and streamline all of your business processes from one single database to increase process efficiencies, reduce operating costs, and increase profitability. ERP systems can make rubber and plastic manufacturing companies more competitive and profitable if used correctly. The contrast between the success and failure of an ERP system begins as early as the selection process. If a company chooses the wrong ERP system, the results could be devastating financially.

When it comes to ERP selection and implementation for rubber and plastics manufacturers, it seems that the same common mistakes are made repeatedly. This white paper will provide insight for your company’s selection process and provide you with information on some of the potentially fatal blunders that could weaken your final decision if you do not take them into consideration.

To learn more about selecting the right ERP solution for your company contact our team of experts with more than two decades of experience helping other businesses benefit from accounting software.

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