22 Long Term Care Healthcare Applications to Consider

There are a lot of business applications on the market designed for various aspects of managing a long-term healthcare or senior living facility but which is the right one for your organization and how do you possibly choose between the hundreds of options available today?

Best of Breed Accounting for Senior Living Facilities

e2b teknologies serves many industry segments including the long-term healthcare market and we’ve seen companies using a broad range of applications. One thing that we’ve noticed through the years is that applications designed for nursing homes and other senior living businesses often have very weak accounting functionality or, in some cases, none at all. As such, many directors and administrators choose a best of breed approach where they pick a solid accounting application and then add specific line of business applications for scheduling, electronic records management, medical billing, and other specific areas.

If you have great line of business application but struggle with your accounting and financial reporting then consider Sage Intacct, a leading cloud-based accounting software that implements fast, is very open and easy to integrate, and is consistently selected by nursing homes and other long-term care businesses due to its unique ability to manage multiple companies and multiple facilities in a single database with customizable dashboards and general ledger dimensions to make accounting and reporting a breeze.

In fact, Sage Intacct is used by many of the business application vendors serving the long-term healthcare industry such as OnShift which utilizes the software in their own business. And LTC application vendor MatrixCare integrates with Sage Intacct out-of-the-box making it a breeze to manage your operations without sacrificing the financial reporting you need to make sense of your complicated business.

The beautiful part of Sage Intacct is that it can integrate easily with virtually any long-term care business application including both premise and hosted applications.

Top Long-Term Care & Nursing Home Business Applications

So what are some of the top nursing home and healthcare facility applications to consider? According to Capterra, the most reviewed applications for long term care facilities are as follows:

1.      HealthcareSource
2.      PowerChart LTC
3.      gEHRiMed
4.      PointClickCare
5.      Netsmart Vision
6.      TheWorxHub
7.      LTC by American HealthTech
8.      Optimus EMR System
9.      BlueStrata HER
10.    GeroPro
11.     Medisoft

A few additional applications recommended by our friends at SoftwareAdvice include:

12.      PointClickCare
13.      eResidentCare
14.      HealthMedX
15.      Answers by AOD
16.      ECP EHR
17.      Optimum Series EMR
18.      NetSolutions NTT Data
19.      Cerner CareTracker
20.     SigmaCare ERH
21.      MatrixCare

#22 Bonus Recommendation

One more product to consider – Epicor Senior Living. This product is relatively unknown here in the United States as it got its start in Australia but there is a growing number of US-based companies using it today.

It’s built on the award-winning Epicor ERP framework which is most popular in manufacturing circles but the Epicor Senior Living product is truly designed for nursing homes and long term care facilities and should be a nice option for companies that are considering an on-premise installation or those that need a rock-solid platform to manage their business. Send us a note and we’ll get you more information on this great option.

Senior Living Solution for Long-Term Care and Nursing Home Facilities

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