3 Forms of Emerging Technology to Focus on

With traceability being so important to manufacturers meeting regulations, keeping brand value, avoiding litigation, and preventing loss of life, you should be using emerging technology to support its use. It can be advanced through:

1. The Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things (IoT), devices can be connected anywhere, at any time. Using labeling technology such as radio-frequency identification (RFID) and quick response (QR) codes allows data to be collected that tracks a product’s full journey through the supply chain.

Anything can be recorded, from the status during transport to the source of materials.

2. Big data analytics

Using big data analytics, you can see where a problem has occurred and stop it from continuing through the supply chain. With unplanned events and potential crises such as tainted products in the supply chain, you can respond quickly, having identified, tracked and traced everything.

3. The cloud

You can take advantage of cloud solutions, with software managing aspects such as system infrastructure, operating system, database and applications. This allows you to spend less time and energy on repetitive admin-heavy tasks and more time on important operations.

Process manufacturers with traceability can monitor their needs for new materials and arrange better terms with suppliers. They can ensure fresh, quality goods for customers. These benefits will greatly improve its ability to keep costs low, while still improving customer satisfaction.

Traceability is essential for success in today’s manufacturing environment. With real-time visibility, you can ensure compliance, better manage the supply chain, and ensure quality goods are delivered to happy customers.

Take charge of your own destiny and keep on moving

As a process manufacturer, it’s important that you keep moving and face the challenges that result from regulatory upheaval. Our evidence makes it clear that businesses in your industry are investing in new technology.

Investment in traceability can certainly mitigate issues or even create a competitive advantage for you in the future. Look closely at your supply chain. Are you ready for the unexpected?

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