4 Real-Time Inventory Management Wins for Your Distribution Business

Modern distribution moves too fast for you to remain effective using outdated information when even a few hours’ delay of valuable supply chain insight can create costly miscalculations.

Distribution ERP software logs every piece of data in order to keep a record of it. The upshot of this is that not only are ERP systems useful for tracking inventory but that they are also ideal for maintaining process and quality controls.

Here are four more wins a real-time inventory management brings to your distribution business.


1. Always know your stock

Operating a successful distribution operation requires you to see what you have on-hand at all times. Real-time inventory management systems help distributors accomplish this by automating the tracking processes that remain integral to inventory management.

An updated inventory management system automatically updates when an item in your supply chain scans in or out, meaning you’ll have detailed information, in real-time, regarding the inventory on-hand or that which is headed your way.

Removing guesswork from your inventory system helps to eliminate redundant re-ordering from your vendors or waiting for inventory longer than necessary. With distribution ERP, you know that the information you’re working from is reflective of your actual circumstances.


2. Streamline your processes

Manual inventory management is a can be a bear when it comes to working hours. The task of manual entry inventory tracking is among the most tedious tasks for any team to manage.

Real-time inventory management automates many of the time-consuming manual entry processes inherent to the old systems you may still be using. This frees up your workforce for more impactful tasks allowing you to make better use of labor costs while also improving your team’s day-to-day experience.


3. A steward for growth

A significant drawback of manual inventory management is the low ceiling it creates for growth expectations. Using manual entry input limits the volume because of the time necessary for data input, the errors inherent in any manual process, and the guesswork required to understand what you have on-hand and when you need to order more.

How much inventory can a distributor amass and still accurately track the necessary data manually?

Distribution ERP help you grow by streamlining processes… all of them. From inventory to warehouse management, shipping, receiving, logistics, and more, a purpose-built system eliminates the various labor-intensive, disconnected processes prone to human error.


4. Reporting made easy

As your distribution operation continues to grow, disparate technology solutions begin to affect your ability to control the integrity of the company’s data for reporting and compliance purposes. When your visibility is limited, you’re often forced to make decisions based on invalid data.

Of course a single source of truth is needed to boost overall efficiency and increase productivity, but providing ready-access to business insights for decision-making is among ERP’s most impactful benefits.

The improved accuracy of your inventory tracking enables you to make decisions from data that reflects your actual position in real-time to make timely decisions that boost performance. With all of your data is readily available in real-time, generating reports is often reduced to the click of a button.


Reduce your overhead, improve your bottom line

Today’s growing distribution companies are faced with many complex business challenges and need an all-in-one software solution to compete and grow. These organizations turn to Sage 100 wholesale distribution ERP and cloud accounting software.

Sage 100 brings a single source of accurate and up-to-date business data to distribution companies who need the flexibility to scale.

By integrating a purpose-built system that supports your specific to wholesale distributor needs, you get real business data and intelligence tools to make ill-informed managerial decisions based upon outdated information a thing of the past.

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