5 Sales Commission Apps for Entry-Level Accounting Software

Sales Commission Software

If you’re using Intuit QuickBooks or other entry-level accounting applications you’ll soon discover that there isn’t much you can do out-of-the-box in respect to managing sales commissions in a distribution or manufacturing environment.

That’s why there are a few third party products that extend these core accounting systems so you have a little more control over sales commission calculations for your team. Below are our top four picks for sales commission management for small businesses.

1. Incentviz

Incentviz (www.incentviz.com) can integrate to virtually any accounting or ERP system and can be implemented as a stand-alone application. It’s by far the most functional commission management application we recommend to customers and integrates to leading midmarket ERP applications as well. Create customized commission plans, detail how you handle split commissions, determine which sales are eligible for commission based on product line and other rules, and calculate how much you owe your sales team.

2. Easy Commission

Easy Commission by CellarStone (www.easy-commission.com) is probably the next best option for companies looking to automate sales commissions on an entry-level accounting platform. The product includes a lot of features including flexibility to control reports, statements, menus, and other elements of the application from a designer perspective. It integrates with Intuit QuickBooks (Desktop and Online) as well as Xero and other applications.

3. QCommission

Another product by CellarStone (www.qcommission.com), QCommission appears to be a more modern sales commission application that integrates with Intuit QuickBooks. QCommission integrates with other applications including Salesforce.com, SugarCRM, Oracle Fusion, and Microsoft Dynamics.

4. QXL by FLEXquarters

QXL by FLEXquarters (www.qxl1.com) isn’t exactly a sales commission tool per se but it could be helpful for getting the necessary data out of Intuit QuickBooks to use for sales commissions within Excel or to upload to products that don’t integrate directly to QuickBooks.

5. Other Options

There are many other great products available on the market for sales commission management – some that integrate with entry-level accounting applications and others that can be used stand-alone. A great source to discover sales commission software is the extensive directory on Capterra (www.capterra.com). A few of the applications we found there include CallidusCloud, QB Commissions Calc, and Xactly – products that are not listed on the official Intuit Apps.com directory but may be of interest to your business as an alternative.

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