The 7 Unknown Benefits of ERP

Before signing on to implement a new ERP system, a lot of customers do research first. They’ve shopped around to find out if using ERP will benefit their business, and which one will do the job best. Especially with the price tag that often comes with a new ERP system, a commonly asked question tends to be “How is ERP better than what we’re using now?”

Although there are hundreds of articles online touting what ERP systems can do, these seven benefits to your business are often overlooked:

  1. Business Security

    Your business’ data is what drives growth forward and with those numbers in the wrong hands, serious damage could be done. ERP systems have advanced settings allowing only certain users to access areas of the program, keeping sensitive data private.

  2. Community Knowledge

    One area of ERP systems that is often daunting to new users is simply getting to know the system. Companies that have been burned from wrongly implementing their ERP system tend to have voices louder than those who are happy and successfully using their system day-to-day. Getting to know your ERP system and worries about hitting a road block while using it should be a non-problem with the wealth of knowledge floating around on the internet. Most ERP systems have users groups to ask questions. Majority of the time, you can find someone who has encountered the same issue as you, and other users are happy to lend a hand.

  3. Better Business Decisions

    Using many different business solutions instead of an all-encompassing ERP system tends to lead to data that is all over the place. The data ends up being inaccurate and difficult to analyze. Using an ERP system gives real-time data that can be put to use in your business. You can access year-to-year comparisons and forecast future decisions easily.

  4. Regulations

    Sometimes it can seem like another regulation popped up that the company was unaware of, and you’re hit with a fine or cannot move forward. Most ERP systems are equipped with regulation knowledge, making sure that your employees are complying with all regulations. This can cover financial security, data security, product traceability or taxes.

  5. Streamline Processes

    If your employees aren’t using an ERP system, most likely they are doing a lot of daily tasks manually and using spreadsheets. This is not only inefficient, but is most likely costing money without even realizing it. ERP systems can automate a lot of tasks for employees so more time can be spent doing important tasks.

  6. Mobile Accessibility

    ERP is moving mobile, just like all other software markets and business aids. These applications for ERP systems are allowing important information to be accessible from anywhere, so you’re not stuck in one place. Further, if you’re currently using a slew of business intelligence software, switching to an ERP system will have all the information you’re currently using in multiple apps in one place.

  7. Plenty to Choose From

    There are hundreds of different ERP systems to choose from that will fit your specific business needs. There are big vendors such as Sage or Epicor, or smaller businesses that can be sure you’re purchasing an ERP system that is tailored to your needs.

These overlooked benefits are often the tipping point for business owners on the fence about whether they should start using an ERP system. On top of all the other options ERP can give you, these benefits are just the icing on the cake.

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