Some of the Best Business Calculators

Looking for calculators and formulas to help measure business performance? Here are some of the best sites available with tools you need to track your progress.

1. QuickBooks Tools & Calculators

A great and lesser known resource available from QuickBooks includes a paycheck calculator, equity and investment calculator, and other free tools and templates.

2. Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur is a wonderful site for small business owners includes a wealth of business advice and resources including some relatively hidden tools including calculators to help you determine your cash flow, break-even point, investment offering, starting costs, marketing performance, and more.

3. Banking Calculators

There are some great small business calculators on the website to help you calculate loan repayment, current ratios, debt to assets ratios, return on assets, gross profit margin, and operating profits (to name just a few).


A site with calculators for just about everything – has a special section for business calculators for things such as sales tax, return on equity, financial ratios, equipment leases, borrowing power, rent vs. buy, balance sheet, business valuation, and profit and loss.

5. ERP ROI Calculator

This one is a bit of a misnomer, while there are many calculators available to determine if you’ve made a return on your investment for an ERP system purchase or implementation – they all vary widely. We have access to a very detailed calculator that we can use to help you determine exactly how much you can save by switching ERP systems. Become a Premium Member to find out how to access this vital resource.

Justify the cost of switching ERP platforms with our free ERP ROI Calculator. Available exclusively for Premium Members only.

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