The Best of Clinical Trial Software

Healthcare providers and research organizations rely on modern applications to manage all aspects of Clinical Trials. There’s plenty of great clinical trial management systems (CTMS) on the market to help but sorting through them can take time and is often difficult if you don’t have enough advice or input.

We love the Capterra directory which lists virtually every business software app available since it not only includes all of the relevant information about the company behind the product and the overall functionality – but also reviews by actual users of the applications.

A few of the top clinical trial management applications in their directory include QlikView for Life Sciences, Snappii Mobile Apps, and MasterControl Clinical Suite. Some of the top-rated apps in the directory are RealTime-CTMS, Target Health Software Suite, Clinical Studio, Clinic Software, Clinical Conductor CTMS, Clinical Research 10, and Dacima Clinical Suite. There are many others available on the directory as well – some newer with fewer reviews but still worthwhile for your consideration.

Some of the major features you’ll find in clinical trial software are listed below.

  • AppointmentPlus
  • MOGO Cloud Dental Software
  • Dentrix Enterprise
  • EagleSoft 13 by Patterson
  • Denticon by Planet DDS
  • CS SoftDent
  • Open Dental
  • iDentalSoft
  • Sowingo
  • Practice-Web Dental
  • Maxident
  • AeronaDental
  • Axex Dental
  • Exact by Software of Excellence
  • Dovetail
  • Adstrada Dental
  • DentalCareLinks
  • OperaDDS
  • Diamond Dental

Most of the applications used for clinical trial management do not integrate with a back-end accounting system (or any other system for that matter). While there are good reasons to operate them stand-alone – there are other circumstances where integration could be extremely valuable such as budgeting and accounting for supplier and material costs and payments to patients as well as revenue generated from sponsors.

We help companies integrate systems and data across disparate systems. Contact us today to discuss your integration needs and how we can pull everything together for you into one cohesive system. We also represent Sage Intacct cloud accounting – a top pick for the healthcare and medical field. Read more about turning to the cloud for financial management.

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