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Intuit has a wealth of information available on their website that few people know about. Much of this is included in the articles section of the QuickBooks Resource Center.

Articles are organized into several categories including Professional; Accounting & Finance; Hiring, Recruiting, and HR; Legal & Taxes; Selling, Starting Up, Productivity, Accounting & Taxes; News; Operations; Technology; Cash Flow; Case Studies; Freelancer, Video, and more.

These articles not purely blog articles. Instead, they offer guidance to small business owners on a variety of topics to help them manage their businesses more effectively. They are designed for the non-technical reader with topics such as “The Business Owner’s Guide to Balance Sheets (and a Free Template) or “The 5 Most Deadly “Costs” Fast-Growing Companies Face.”

Spend some time browsing the recommended articles on the site and don’t miss the fact that you can click on the category of the article to drill into additional articles. Each category has a lot more articles that may be of interest to you.

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With Intacct, our financial close was cut in half, and that extra time is huge for us because we’re a small team. We’re savings five days of work for four people, which gives us back 20 days of work each month that we can put into more strategic activities.

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