Cannabis Compliance Requires Cannabis ERP (Part 2)

In Part One of Cannabis Compliance Requires Cannabis ERP, we dove into seed-to-sale enterprise resource planning (ERP), the software system which integrates your business processes to help keep your cannabis operation compliant with industry regulation.

Here in Part Two, we examine more ways cannabis ERP helps your cannabusiness meet regulatory compliance. As a cannabis entrepreneur, you understand your success or failure depends on maintaining strict adherence, even when compliance is a moving target. When noncompliance results in hefty fines or worse, you need seed-to-sale ERP to address the extensive regulations which govern cannabis cultivation, processing, and distribution.

Materials Tracking and Management

We covered inventory tracking in Part 1, but the materials tracking features offered by cannabis ERP drills down even further by monitoring the course and cost of the materials used to make your cannabis product. This information is not only mandated, but it also helps you to know where your materials are located, especially relative to other product components. Whereas a marijuana cultivator may be concerned with seeds, soil, and fertilizer, an edibles manufacturer may focus more on new cannabis products, ingredients, and expiration dates. Both companies, however, would have their eyes on the cross-contamination potential of their product components, whether it be a pollen mixing possibility or food allergen concern, respectively.

While you can’t control most of the natural process required to grow your product, seed-to-sale ERP increases the efficiency at which you are able to process and distribute perishable products. Parallels can be drawn to the food industry where expired products clearly represent lost revenue for food companies. Cannabis ERP helps operators to monitor their product materials, maintain consistent product quality, and control costs. A major contributor to the materials tracking effort is RFID/barcode labeling.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) provides a fast and effective way to capture information by using radio frequency scanning technology. RFID can scan and send data in seconds and without a direct line of sight, so labels can be read from a distance making it easier to locate items quickly. By reducing manual entries and human error, RFID/barcoding improves efficiency.

Seed-to-sale ERP software integrates RFID/barcoding for tracking products and pricing, as well as ensuring cultivators, processors, labs, and dispensaries are up-to-date with product handling requirements for each state, country, and city.

Corrective Action / Preventable Action (CAPA) Management

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, one thing will remain constant: its emphasis on regulatory compliance to ensure public health and safety. Cannabis ERP helps you implement the procedures needed to address and correct a number of quality issues, from cultivation to sale.

In the event of a recall, you have a limited amount of time to issue and execute the recall, address the associated risks and regulatory concerns as well as communicate the issues internally and to the public. Seed-to-sale ERP addresses the CAPA and recall procedures outlined by regulators and allows you to fix non-compliance issues as you identify them.

Team Approach to Compliance

A strong compliance program protects your company and your staff so it must remain a priority for everyone in your organization at all times. Cannabis ERP helps maintain compliance by bringing company-wide access to a single source of information and giving your company the ability to widely communicate compliance standards and correct procedures to all departments.

Cannabis ERP not only helps your entire team identify and correct compliance issues as they occur, the cannabis cloud-based technology is remains up-to-date as new industry standards as new or changes to regulations are issued.

With the ever-changing environment of marijuana legislation, why take a chance? You need seed-to-sale ERP software to keep cannabis company operating effectively and within the law.
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