• The ROI of ERP

    The ROI of ERP

    How much does ERP cost and how soon will I see a return on my ERP? We hear this set of questions often while working with customers in different industries at various stages of their digital transformation journey. But our experience tells us how many customers have a difficult time answering these questions.  While increased



    "Your team has been very helpful, diligent and attentive to us in our 7.3 upgrade. Everyone is very responsive to all of our requests and patiently works through the open items with us. The entire E2B team deserves a pat on the back for a job well done!  Thank you!" -Kolbus America, Inc


    So we needed an integrated system at North Carolina. And we needed it implemented fast. e2b was right there. They actually created an EDI interface for us in order to address the specific Freightliner requirements and they saved that business for us. – Molded Fiber Glass Companies

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