Certificate Accessibility

Maintaining updated records and calibration certificates is essential for industries, especially while performing internal and external audits. While conventional asset management systems require separate software for calibration and non-calibrated tools, Anytime Assets owners can use a single dashboard to filter calibrated and non-calibrated tooling. Both the asset categories can store data and certificates, thereby facilitating audits.


Providing easy and quick access to asset-related documents and certificates is important for efficiently using Asset Management Software. Unlike SAP, Excel, and other asset management software, Anytime Assets provides asset owners with a facility to store all asset-related images, certificates, and documents on a secure cloud, easily accessible through a dashboard. And to ensure that the stored information is safe and un-tampered, a tired permission system is inbuilt into the software.


With Anytime Asset, users can now calibrate their assets and tools through integrated e2b Calibration services. At e2b calibration, each process stage is tracked using advanced RFID technology, barcodes, or QR Codes, and the owner is updated in real-time. In addition to tracking the status, Anytime Assets also provides component-level information with its last and due calibration status and availability, or a given aircraft traceable for a given (customizable) period.


Providing real-time updates while the tool is under calibration facilitates owners to forecast and plan their inventory or pipeline projects. Post calibration, certificates about the tool or asset are updated by e2b calibration on the dashboard. The software also has a provision for storing all other critical asset information – purchasing information, manufacturer warranties, or any other miscellaneous documents associated with the assets in a centralized location available to all users, as necessary. The documents can be directly printed or downloaded for offline use or to share with auditors, clients, and other vested parties.


This calibration certificate and document storage facility is a boon for auditors. It avoids the tedious labor of flipping through binders and searching spreadsheets to locate each asset or their related information. Hence, Anytime Assets allows for transparency and centralization by providing efficient document management capabilities associated with a group or individual assets.


With Anytime Assets, we give you the ability to store images and documentation on a secure cloud, centrally for all employees to access data through a fast tired-permission set-up. Each asset tagged with an RFID facilitates users to track assets during calibration and track each asset-related transaction. To know about real-time tracking using Anytime Assets, click here.



Your entire tool control process can be automated.

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