Chiropractic Practice Management Software That Won’t Make You Crack

The highest-rated business software for chiropractors according to is by far Marketing 360 by Madwire with nearly 650 reviews and a 5-star review making it a leading choice for chiropractic practices. A few other general practice management applications to consider include SimplePractice with over 1,000 reviews, Kareo with just under 500 reviews, NueMD with 430 reviews, and ChiroTouch with 420 reviews.

With that said, every company is different and there may be very good reasons why Marketing 360 and the other applications mentioned above won’t necessarily be the best for your practice. Here are some of the others that you should consider. Make sure to include at least six to eight products in a long list of applications that you will review and then decide on at least two to three (we recommend four) products that you will evaluate at a deeper level with more in-depth product demonstrations.

  • drchrono
  • Eclipse by MPN
  • ScheduFlow by Duoserve
  • Rapid by Acom
  • Platinum System
  • Genesis Chiropractic Software
  • SmartCloud
  • ChiroFusion Complete
  • Chiro QuickCharts
  • EZBIS Office
  • Report Master
  • Atlas Chiropractic System
  • ChrioSpring
  • Autumn8 by IPS
  • BookSteam
  • PayDC Chiropractic Software
  • ChartLogic
  • Bookeo
  • Intelligent Medical Sofware
  • TotalMD
  • CollaborateMD PMS
  • Cash Practice Systems
  • SilkOne EHR
  • WonderDoc Chiropractic EHR
  • SOAPe Platinum
  • BackChart
  • GoMotive
  • Herfert Software
  • Orchestra One

When evaluating chiropractic practice management software – make sure to consider the following features and benefits.

  • Marketing & Sales
  • EHR Medical Billing
  • Document Management
  • Medical Billing & Collections
  • Dashboards, Alerts, Reports
  • Patient Profiles
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
  • Patient Charting
  • Questionnaires & Forms
  • Patient & Staff Scheduling
  • Email, Text, and Phone Reminders
  • Back-Office Financials (GL, AP, AR)
  • Inventory Management

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