How to Choose the Right Engineer to Order ERP

There are quite a few different types of manufacturing models that all require a specific process, a specific way of running things and a specific type of accounting process. Luckily there are quite a few different ERP systems on the market that are made to specifically address different types of manufacturing modes like engineer to order ERP.

Engineer to order manufacturing is taking orders on the fly. Instead of making enough product based on demand or predicted demand, engineering to order is creating the product after the sales order has come in. Usually, these products will vary based on the customer’s needs, which means the bill of material can vary, as well. This is among many other unique issues, such as purchasing the right material on short notice and customer involvement in the engineering and manufacturing process.

Engineer to order ERP is made specifically to address these needs, among many others. Engineer to order ERP gives real-time insight that allows for quick planning or projects once they come in, allowing you plan your scheduling and purchasing.

Below are more engineer to order ERP features that should definitely be in the system you purchase:
  • Complete system integration
  • An alert system for project components
  • Up-to-date financial and technical data
  • Inventory control
  • Vendor management
  • Delivery planning
  • Ability to evaluate estimates and quotes
  • Flexibility to change rules and bills of material based on order
  • Data Driven Schedules

Engineer to order ERP is powerful in different ways than many other ERP systems, so it is important that you make sure some of the above listed components are in the system you choose. Without them, it will be hard to keep track of your data and you will miss out on making key decisions, stunt business growth and become inefficient.

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