Choosing ERP Software: How to Know It’s the Right Fit

You’ve gotten past the easy part, deciding that your business does, in fact, need ERP software. So what do you do now? Where do you start when choosing the right ERP software? Purchasing ERP software is a large investment and you don’t want to make the wrong choice.

There are hundreds and hundreds of ERP software solutions on the market. Not only are there many brands to choose from, but many different platforms to choose from within those brands.

Evaluate your needs

Instead of choosing one based off that big brand name, you should be choosing based off the specific needs of your company. Where does your company’s interests lie? Are your weaknesses found within your supply chain management or customer relations? Sitting down and going through every aspect of your business and determining what your company personally needs will help to determine which ERP solution will be a best fit.

Talk to your employees

One of the easiest ways to find those weaknesses are by talking with your employees. They will be the ones working closely with the program and know where they need the most help. By having a conversation within your company you can easily find where you need to fill in the gaps.

Evaluate your size

Every ERP software is built differently, especially when it comes to the size of a company. Some ERP solutions are built to handle a million dollar revenue, while others are better off suited with a small business. Be sure that the ERP software you’re investing in is tailored to the size of your business. Why spend millions of dollars on an ERP solution that’s built for a company operating on a scale ten times bigger than yours.

How much are you willing to spend?

This brings us to cost. One huge aspect of choosing an ERP software that fits your company is deciding how much you’re willing to invest in a solution. Are you willing to attempt the implementation on your own or are do you want the cost of consultation included? You need to evaluate what you feel the software should include for your business.

Each ERP solution is different so taking the time to sit down and evaluate each one is key to making sure you don’t make a huge financial mistake. Make sure you’re talking to people in your company and not making this decision on your own. An ERP solution can streamline many of the aspects handled by your company, but it needs to be the right fit.

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