Advanced Planning and Scheduling in Sage 500 ERP

The Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) module uses industry-standard scheduling rules to automatically schedule production based on advanced algorithms and mathematical calculation. System-generated schedules provide a great foundation but do not take into consideration real world concerns. That’s why the APS module includes a drag-and-drop schedule board. The schedule board displays all system-generated operation schedule, and it allows supervisors or production scheduling personnel to tweak the schedule to fit in high priority orders or to move scheduled operations to a different machine when another breaks down.

APS provides companywide visibility for production schedules. Your customer service, management, sales, and other employees have online access to view the status of each customer order. It provides customer service with tools to quickly find scheduled completion dates across manufacturing facilities.

The APS module was developed originally by Haitek Solutions in 1999. Little has been done to the product since the initial product release. The product utilizes an OCX control developed in Delphi for the schedule board itself. Delphi is a very old technology and as such, few programmers would ever want to modify the APS module. As such, manufacturers who need more advanced APS capabilities typically consider one of two options – Planet Together APS or Preactor. Both are enterprise-class applications with much more functionality than the Sage 500 ERP APS with an average cost (software and services) typically 2-4 times that of the Sage 500 APS module.

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