Cloud Accounting: 8 Benefits of Sage 100

Recent surveys have proven that cloud ERP adoption is on the rise, especially for small and medium sized organizations. As with any other ERP implementation though, the secret to success is found in system selection. Sage 100 ERP Online has proven itself as a solid solution offering the power of Sage ERP and all the benefits of the cloud to help organizations grow with confidence, work more efficiently, and make better decisions.

Below are 8 of the many reasons small and medium sized businesses choose Sage 100 ERP Online as their cloud ERP solution.

Benefits of Sage 100 ERP Online:


1. Lower total cost of ownership:

both the upfront investment and long-term expenses are considerably less when organizations choose a cloud ERP system. Companies can save on purchasing and maintaining the infrastructure necessary to support the applications.

2. Fast implementation:

Sage 100 ERP Online enables you to get your system up and running quickly, whether you are a startup company trying to shorten your time to market, an established organization moving up from an entry level system, or migrating from an on premise solution to the cloud.

3. Scalability:

Business changes over time, and the beauty of the cloud is that adjusting to change and growth is easy. Adding users and functionality as you need to is simple with Sage 100 ERP Online.

4. Flexibility:

Need to make a change after you’ve implementing online ERP? Some systems make this difficult, but with Sage 100 ERP Online your system and your data can be easily transferred to an on premise Sage 100 ERP system in the future. Furthermore, your staff won’t even blink an eye since the on premise solution is the same software- no retraining required.

5. Automatic Product Updates:

No need to worry about updates since product updates and hot fixes are applied automatically so you can always access the most current functionality.

6. World-class support allows you to focus on what you do best:

With a team of specialists behind the solution, your data is safeguarded with proper backup, recovery, and restore procedures which are included in the hosted service. With support like that you can stop worrying about maintaining your ERP system and put the time and effort of your IT staff into more strategic, value-added activities. Support for Sage 100 ERP Online includes:

  • 5 technical support issues per year (per customer account)
  • 24/7 Connectivity Support
  • Access to the Support Knowledgebase.
  • Optional business care advantage plan upgrade ($20/user) which includes unlimited support issues and Anytime Learning training, a 20% discount on real-time training, 24/7 Connectivity Support, and 24/7 access to the Support Knowledgebase.
7. Guaranteed Service:

Sage 100 ERP Online Service Level Agreements provide guarantees on the availability (99%) and performance of the applications and services to subscribers.

8. Security:

With Sage 100 ERP Online, your mission-critical system and corporate data is hosted and managed in an extremely secure data center with high levels of redundancy, backup, and monitoring. This SAS 70 certified facility has fireproof cement walls, 24/7 connectivity, and human security guards and monitoring to provide you with protection and security.

9. Disaster Recovery:

Sage 100 ERP online includes an offsite backup facility with a 99% uptime guarantee from Sage with near real-time data replication, a fully redundant environment, daily onsite backups with three day retention, daily off site backups retained for a month, and monthly offsite backups retained for a year



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