Cloudwashing: How to Tell If Your Cloud ERP is Real

It has taken a while for many companies to warm up to cloud ERP. Some have been worried about security issues, while others didn’t believe it had all the functionality they needed. Since those fears have been put to rest, another has sprung up. Fake cloud ERP. Yes, vendors are actually packaging up old on-premise systems as cloud ERP, also known as “cloudwashing”.

Below, we’re going to point out some tell-tale signs that a vendor is simply cloudwashing, and isn’t truly offering a cloud ERP solution. Keep an eye out for these while you’re doing your shopping

Cloud ERP truly is a better option for small businesses because it offers more functionality at a lower cost, but this won’t be true if a vendor is giving you a cloudwashed version of the software. In fact, it will probably be costing you more in the long run. Keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs and call the vendor out on their bluff.

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