Create a Strong Company Culture Using ERP

One of the big trends in the business world right now is learning how to treat your employees correctly. This isn’t simply a “fad”, but rather a new tactic companies are realizing works to retain great talent and have low turnover rates. If you have a great company culture, you’re not going to have to search very hard for great employees. Once you have these great employees, you will see your business grow and become more efficient. As the old saying goes, “If you think great employees are expensive, wait until you find out how much a bad one will cost you.”

The tactics to create a great company culture have been debated over the years, from having alcohol available for employees on the job to napping pods to filling the office with puppies or simply letting them work from home. Some of these have proven to be great, while others have crashed and burned. One idea to get your employees to love you and their job is actually much simpler and less extravagant than you would ever imagine: implement an ERP system. Yes, that “old” system that has been around since the 1980’s may be the secret to creating a great company culture that will retain employees. Here’s why:

  1. They Leave Work On Time

    One of the number one reasons an employee has to stay late at work is because they are too busy doing manual, repetitive tasks that they were unable to finish their workload. If you give employees an ERP system that works, they will be able to automate these mundane, boring tasks, like creating and running reports or data entry. This means more time to complete the more important tasks and getting home from work on time.

  2. They Have A Better Relationship With Their Boss

    If the boss has certain expectations, but the employees aren’t given the correct tools to complete what is expected of them, this will create a lot of friction. Employees can’t be expected to produce above expectations if they are constantly using work arounds and are restricted in functionality. If you have implemented a good, up-to-date ERP system, your employees are more likely to get along with their managers and bosses.

  3. They’re Less Stressed

    If their daily workload is chipped away of the mundane tasks and their boss is happier because they are able to produce the work they are expected to, your employees are going to be less stressed. Further, new ERP systems give more custom options to end users, allowing them to work in a way that is most conducive to their productivity. Flexibility is key to keeping stress levels down.

  4. They Feel More Fulfilled

    Studies show that most workers, especially the younger generations entering the workforce, are looking for fulfillment in their job. If an employee is never able to access the right tools they need and are constantly stressed, they will never feel fulfilled. Using the right ERP system allows employees to go above and beyond expectations and continually improve on their job. This leads to high fulfillment rates.

Although we do like our free coffee in the office and wouldn’t mind a few pets running around to ease stress, the key to a great company culture is simply having the right tools available. Constant bottlenecks and workarounds mean frustrated employees every day, and no great talent is going to consider working at a company with that type of culture. So, how do you get employees to love you and their job? Implement an ERP system that works well for your company.

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