Creating a Strategy for Application Integration

Recently, a new study produced by Gartner has been creating a buzz among cloud ERP users. According to Gartner, by 2018 90 percent of organizations will still lack a postmodern application integration strategy, leading to integration disorder, greater complexity and greater costs.

Articles across the internet are predicting “postmodern ERP chaos”. Gartner also predicts that until 2018, 80 percent of organizations will lack the capability to successfully deliver on their postmodern ERP strategy.

All is not lost though. Don’t go abandoning your plan to join the masses of companies switching to cloud ERP services. As long as you can master you application integration strategies and have a well-thought out plan to switch to the cloud, you don’t have to be a part of the 90 percent expected to fail. Follow these three tips to aid you in supporting a cloud-based ERP system.

  1. Investigate Your Future Vendor

    When it comes to integrate different applications to your cloud ERP system, be sure that you will be able to fully integrate all of them. You may expect this to come with the service provided by your ERP vendor, but Gartner says that many vendors aren’t providing this. Be sure that your vendor will be able to help you integrate these applications, and if they don’t make sure you are capable of doing it yourself.

  2. Create an ERP Strategy

    Just like any other ERP implementation, jumping in before you’re ready will not help you in the long run. Switching over to a cloud service needs to have a well thought out plan, especially if you’re considering using a postmodern model and integrating different applications from different vendors. Although your business leaders may be putting on the pressure to switch fast, you’ll only end up burned in the end.

  3. Prepare to Support the Cloud

    Running for years on an on-premise ERP system makes moving to the cloud a big switch. Further, cloud technology is a fairly new concept, which makes this a learning process for everyone. Be sure you have the ability to support a cloud-based ERP software, as well as the skills necessary to maintain it.

Don’t jump ship from the idea of a postmodern cloud-based ERP system quite yet. Gartner’s forecast is simply that, a forecast, and doesn’t guarantee a grim future for the new technology. In fact, using their forecast as a way to make yourself extra prepared to take on the switch can ensure you will not become a part of their unfortunate statistic.

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