Sometimes shrink-wrapped software just doesn’t meet your needs. You may have a special customer or vendor requirement, or maybe you’re in a niche industry with few technology options. That’s why you need to harness a custom software application to improve your business. e2b is more than just a business software developer. We work with you to understand what you’re trying to accomplish, and if it makes sense, we address your needs by developing custom business software to satisfy them. Your custom business software will be designed and approved before we ever start developing the custom application.

We have made significant investments in our virtualized development environment, which includes dedicated ERP development servers, daily back-ups, disaster recovery procedures, and source safe – to control changes made to customer applications. Each development project is planned down to the last detail with high-level functional specifications and detailed specifications available for customer review and approval to ensure that the product is what you expect and what you need to improve your business processes.

We are able to provide you with custom business software that is available to anyone inside or outside of your organization, and it can operate stand-alone or can be integrated with your other critical business applications. Example Business Applications:




There are very few companies that use a single application to manage every aspect of their business. Many ERP systems offer integrated solutions through their own organizations and third parties but often times you find yourself using a separate product because it’s the best possible option for your business. But it’s not integrated and the manual processes associated with the disparate system is costly. We can help. We specialize in developing bidirectional integrations to move data from one system to another paying special attention to the processes involved to ensure the data transfer is seamless, timely, and accurate.



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