Epicor ERP 10.2 is primed to help business solve the complex challenges of your industry

Epicor ERP 10.2 offers a critical advantage to users to meet complex business challenges with ease and is based on six key themes:

1. Cloud-first strategy:

Extending your use of cloud-based applications for both cloud and on-premises users continues with 10.2. In particular, new modules like Epicor Field Service Automation, Epicor Payment Gateway, and Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization are built as cloud-first applications. For Epicor Cloud ERP operations, new tooling enhancements are being introduced that are designed to improve updateability to improve upgrade processes.

2. Globalization and localization:

Epicor continues to focus on the changing global landscape and is ready to support global opportunities for your business. Compliance with new regulatory requirements and enhanced features focus on maintaining our geographic footprint in the USA, Mexico, Peru, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Key major features include completion of legal numbering and non-recoverable taxes. Epicor ERP also introduced new tooling to make it easier and simpler to add country-specific functionality (CSF). Finally, the addition of Company Time Zone reduces complexity for distributed environments.

3. Experiences:

Epicor Active Home page offers a new experience for users. The home page becomes a dashboard providing key analytics and quick access to functionality. Also, 10.2 expands access for users while out of the office with Mobile CRM and Field Service Automation (FSA) field users.

4. Analytics:

Epicor is introducing Epicor Data Discovery (EDD), which provides a newer class of business intelligence (BI) applications centered around rich on-demand data exploration rather than rigid data warehousing and reporting with core capabilities embedded in new home page.

5. Ecosystem:

Epicor continues to develop Epicor ERP to enable our rich ecosystem of partners to build industry-leading technology in support of our customers’ business needs. As these technologies evolve, development continues to make it easier to not only build and deploy these robust features but also to upgrade them. Solution Manager has been enhanced with some new features for all users as a result of these efforts.

6. Deep industry focus:

New and enhanced capabilities will be introduced, including Epicor FSA, Epicor Payment Gateway, CRM/SFDC integration Phase II, Package Control 2D barcodes and Menu and Handheld enhancements, and improvements to the Mattec MES -ERP Integration. There will also be a new release of Mattec MES that supports CNC processes.

Epicor ERP 10.2 is primed to help business solve the complex challenges of your industry and position your business to grow profitably now and in the future. It contains proven solutions and processes that fit your unique business requirements. Committed to providing positive experiences for our customers, Epicor provides ease of everything —deployment, education, support, upgrades and maintenance that results in greater profitability, productivity, and growth.

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