5 Principles of Epicor ERP: Simplicity, Mobility, Collaboration, Choice, and Responsiveness.

Epicor ERP was created from the Epicor Vantage code base. Vantage was originally developed for the Microsoft Windows platform in the mid-1990s by DCD Corporation in Minneapolis, MN. DCD was acquired by DataWorks of San Diego, CA in 1996. DataWorks merged with Platinum Software in Irvine, CA in 1998 and changed its name to Epicor in 1999. Vantage continued as one of the most innovative products in Epicor’s extensive portfolio.

Epicor introduced Epicor 9 (Epicor ERP) in October 2008. Epicor 9 is a completely new product formed out of the Vantage product line by updating the technology from Progress to Epicor’s ICE framework and completely redesigning and optimizing the system for Microsoft SQL Server. Epicor also bolstered the underlying financials and closed many of the feature gaps in Vantage in subsequent releases of Epicor ERP 9.05 and Epicor ERP 10.0 and 10.1. This was key as one of the knocks on Epicor Vantage was the relatively weak accounting modules.

Epicor leveraged the knowledge of their iScala development team in Sweden creating one of the most functional and global ERP products available on the market today.

It is worth mentioning that Epicor’s strategy is focused squarely on Epicor ERP. Each release has included features missing in the product that were available in other Epicor-owned products providing a migration path for customers on older Epicor products to eventually converge all customers on the Epicor ERP platform. This is no small task as Epicor owns many older systems including Vista, Enterprise, ManFact, DataFlo, InfoFlo, Avante, Manage 2000, and several other manufacturing-centric ERP systems.

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