Epicor ERP Review Clarification

So we found a review of Epicor ERP that was published September 23, 2016 in PC Magazine. We’re pretty sure that the editor didn’t dig in too deep to look at the underlying manufacturing and inventory functionality as their main criticism focused on cloud-deployed Epicor’s supposed lack of process flow charts. This isn’t true.

xsol XSOL InOrder process workflow mapping tool for Epicor ERP.

Process flow charts are available with Epicor ERP through their alliance partner XSOL. The XSOL product is sold as a private-label solution through Epicor and works extremely well within the Epicor product to document process flows for virtually anything you can and will do in a manufacturing business. We imagine that this module simply wasn’t activated in the demo system the editor was accessing for the evaluation. We wrote an article on the wonderful XSOL product add-on last year. The great part about XSOL is that you can create your own workflows and it’s very easy to do.

The magazine chose Acumatica and NetSuite as their top two choices (Editor’s Choice Awards). As a reseller of ERP software, we are constantly evaluating ERP software to see if there are products we should be representing. Both Acumatica and NetSuite are phenomenal products with excellent core accounting and distribution suites but neither of them are quite as deep in manufacturing capabilities as cloud-deployed Epicor ERP. We’d like to also point out that Epicor is positioned as one of only two Visionary products in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

While we agree with the majority of the PC Magazine article, we want readers to understand the fact that Epicor is all about manufacturing. That’s what they do better than almost anyone in their market space and should be considered by any serious manufacturer evaluating a new ERP business application.

Plus you get things with Epicor ERP that no one (we said NO ONE) offers – things like Epicor Social Enterprise which allows you to follow records in the ERP system and the incredibly powerful Business Activity Queries (BAQ) and Business Process Management (BPM) tools that offer incredibly powerful worfklow and notifications within the core product. Epicor also offers some pretty phenomenal integration with Microsoft Office products. Imagine getting an email sent directly from your ERP system when an order is placed on hold and all you have to do is click the hyperlink to go directly to the record where you can act on the notification.

Our opinion – there are a lot of fantastic ERP products on the market and if you’re a professional service or distribution business then Epicor ERP may not be the most functional but for manufacturers – this is a product you really should consider for your business. Also worth noting is that Epicor has other great products for wholesale distribution – Epicor Prophet 21, Eclipse, and Prelude are designed for distributors and offer best in class niche functionality for various segments of the wholesale distribution market.

Want to know more? Contact us and we’d be happy to show you more about Epicor ERP and XSOL process workflows.

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