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Epicor is a privately-held ERP software publisher with headquarters in Austin, TX. The company operates out of multiple locations with primary offices in Irvine, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Dublin, CA, Cincinnati, OH, San Diego, CA, and many other locations in the US and internationally.

Epicor was formed through a series of acquisitions starting in the 1980s through today. The company represents ERP systems dating back to 1967 through DataWorks & Platinum Software (discrete manufacturing); Activant (wholesale distribution); SolarSoft (process manufacturing and building products), and CRS and NBS (retail).

Epicor’s strategic ERP product is Epicor ERP based on the former DCD Vantage product which was moved to Epicor’s modern Internet Component Environment (ICE) platform in 2008. Epicor ERP represents a convergence of features from Epicor Avante, Clientele, DataFlo, Enterprise, Manage 2000, ManFact, iScala, and Vista into the new Vantage product on ICE.

Epicor ERP is available in 35 languages sold through direct sales (~90%) and partners (~10%). The company focuses on businesses in the Americas; Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); Asia-Pacific (APAC), and the Rest of the World (ROW).

Epicor ERP is an extremely robust and comprehensive ERP application with specialized features designed for a variety of manufacturing industries including Industrial Fabrication; Capital Equipment & Machinery; Plastics & Rubber, High Tech & Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense; and Medical Device & Instruments.

Traditional ERP deployments were installed on premise in a client-server environment or through a virtualized environment on vmWare. However, in 2015, Epicor announced that it will position Epicor as a cloud-deployed multi-tenant solution with premise installation as a secondary option. Epicor Express is an entry-level edition with bundled modules and streamlined implementation available in a true SaaS model (multi-tenant subscription) for smaller manufacturers and job shops.

e2b teknologies is a full-service Epicor ERP channel partner providing marketing, sales, support, consulting, and development services for Epicor ERP primarily in the Great Lakes region (4-6 hours of Cleveland, OH). E2b can also refer opportunities to Epicor for Mattec MES and Epicor HCM.

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