ERP Business Process Review (BPR)

You spent a lot of money on your ERP software and despite best intentions you didn’t get around to implementing all the great features available in the product.


Every company should conduct a business process review annually to document what has changed and how technology can help streamline processes. Our consultants are available for BPR engagements via phone or on-site at your location.


We discuss how you’re using your ERP system today with a focus on accounting, inventory, order entry, and manufacturing processes as well as a review of how these systems and processes are integrated with other business applications such as Human Resources, Payroll, Warehouse Management, Scheduling, and CRM. We then provide you with a document outlining your processes with recommendations on how to improve them by implementing existing features, training on how to use the system correctly, or in some cases – we suggest adding third party products or custom modifications to pull everything together.



Multiple studies suggest that companies use as little as 40% of the functionality in their ERP systems and few companies ever go back to change the system despite changes that occur in their business over time.