ERP Business Process Review (BPR)
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ERP Business Process Review (BPR)

You spent a lot of money on your ERP software and despite best intentions you didn’t get around to implementing all the great features available in the product.

Every company should conduct a business process review annually to document what has changed and how technology can help streamline processes. Our consultants are available for BPR engagements via phone or on-site at your location.

We discuss how you’re using your ERP system today with a focus on accounting, inventory, order entry, and manufacturing processes as well as a review of how these systems and processes are integrated with other business applications such as Human Resources, Payroll, Warehouse Management, Scheduling, and CRM. We then provide you with a document outlining your processes with recommendations on how to improve them by implementing existing features, training on how to use the system correctly, or in some cases – we suggest adding third party products or custom modifications to pull everything together.

Multiple studies suggest that companies use as little as 40% of the functionality in their ERP systems and few companies ever go back to change the system despite changes that occur in their business over time. Contact us today to learn more.


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