ERP Implementation: How it can help, how it can hurt?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) when properly selected and implemented is more than a piece of software. ERP becomes a strategy to drive profit, improve processes, eliminate waste, and much more. On the flip side though, ERP can sometimes do more harm than good. Below we take a look at the ways ERP implementation can help you, the ways it can hurt you, and how to avoid making serious mistakes in your ERP strategy.

ERP: How it can help

If you work slowly and purposefully through the ERP selection process and choose an ERP implementation partner who is right for the job, ERP will become one of your most critical tools and a main driver of success now and in the future. ERP, when done right, will provide you with the following benefits:

The problem for most people, the reason why they do not see the above benefits from their ERP implementation, is due to selecting the wrong ERP system. Take a look at these 6 common mistakes businesses make when implementing ERP that leads them to miss out on the good and dive straight into the ugly.

ERP: How it can hurt

ERP can do just as much bad as it can good which is why ERP selection and implementation is key to success. ERP implementations go bad for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons that ERP projects fail include selecting the wrong system, unrealistic expectations, poor change management, bad project management, and others. Some of the commonly recognized problems associated with an ERP project gone wrong include:

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