ERP Implementation Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain (Part 1)

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Principles #1-4 to Guide You Through to a Successful ERP Implementation

Companies facing ERP implementation know some of the common challenges they’ll face through the process, including unforeseen costs, timeline overruns and operational disruptions. To some, ERP implementation evokes a fear of the unknown while others may recall a poorly executed implementation from a past experience. Whether you’re implementing an ERP software system for the first time or coming off of a legacy system into an upgrade, much of the perceived headache surrounding your ERP transition can be avoided with a bit of preparation.

We’ve seen companies diving into their implementation without the thorough due diligence and planning required, so we broke the process into 8 principles to guide you to ERP implementation success. Here are principles 1-4:

Check back soon for part two of this series.

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