The ERP Options: Small and Medium Enterprises

In this blog series we have gone over quite a few different vendors, all the way from the smallest entry level systems through those major players in the small business space. We’ve taken a look at some great traditional ERP systems that are available both on-premise or in the cloud, as well as some exclusively cloud players that were developed for that purpose. Now, we’re moving on to major ERP options for the small and medium enterprises. These are companies that are typically going to have a larger number of end users and have multiple locations, possibly even global operations. If your company fits into this space, take a look at who we’ve profiled for your best ERP options.


Epicor ERP has a broad industry focus from retail and services to distribution and manufacturing, however, the strength of Epicor ERP truly lies in their discrete manufacturing capabilities. The ERP is scalable for growth due to their ICE platform. Epicor is made up of multiple different modules that give it a lot of functionality, because of this they are limited for add-on options. Epicor has recently refocused their efforts on the cloud and are hoping to move more of their customers this way. The ERP is a global solution offering multi-currency, multi-location, multi-everything.

Sage X3

Sage X3 has a narrowed focus on discrete and process manufacturing and distribution. It especially is powerful for process manufacturers, allowing for strong lot tracking and batching. Sage X3 is also an ERP system that can grow with your company, scalable for growth with their SAFE platform. One area unique to Sage X3 is their embedded workflow, allowing you to automate and link every area of your business. This is also a global solution with multi-everything.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics’ SME ERP product, AX, has extensive functionality. This allows the product to range in availability for industries from distribution to discrete manufacturing, services and financials. This ERP option can be deployed either on-premise or hosted on Microsoft Azure. There are a lot of add-ons available for AX, especially for process manufacturing to extend the functionality of the software. The solution is available only through VAR partners.


There really isn’t just one product to look at for Infor in the SME space. They own dozens of ERP products (CloudSuite, BPCS, Mapics, Lawson, Syteline, Baan, and Visual) that could be a good match. The most strategic product for Infor in SME is Syteline, which has a focus on distribution, discrete manufacturing and services. There are a limited number of add-ons available, however, the solution contains a lot of extensive features specific for each industry. This product is available either directly through Infor or through VAR partners.

There are a lot of other options that are significant players in the SME space, such as IFS, QAD or PLEX, however this options are more focused on specific industries. All of these are great options for a larger company that needs to be able to grow and are looking at expanding globally. Our next blog post will cover the ERP options available for the largest of companies in the Tier One space.

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