Most small ERP consulting shops don’t have a support staff. Instead, you will have to call the consultant who initially worked on your implementation and you may have to wait for them to be available to you because they’re likely working on several customer projects at the time. That’s not how we operate.


E2b teknologies has a fully-staff and dedicated ERP support department. New supports may be logged in the ERP ZenDesk support portal which also provides online access to our extensive ERP knowledge-base anytime and anywhere. Further, installers for custom modifications are available online and customers can chat live with support agents or share screens directly from the support site.

Further, the support site includes an online user community where customers can share best practices and ask questions of each other and our support staff.


Support agents review new support tickets and attempt to recreate the issues. They work hand-in-hand with our consulting and development teams in cases where incidents require training or custom modifications. Further, support agents participate in quality assurance testing of all e2b products and customization’s ensuring that the support team has familiarity with the software your company uses – even if it’s heavily customized.


The support team also provides technical assistance including installation and configuration of your business software as well as system upgrades which may entail lengthier projects due to customization’s, integration dependencies, and other factors.



Access our ZenDesk login Portal Below

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