ERP VAR Selection Can Make or Break Your Implementation

In a recent article we discussed 6 reasons you should be working with an ERP VAR but how do you choose the right VAR for your company? The sheer number of VARs out there is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Luckily your options will be whittled down a little bit when you choose the solution you think is best for your company, but you will still have tons of VARs to choose from.

Here are a few things so consider when you are making your final ERP VAR selection:
  1. Are they certified for the solution you have chosen?
  2. Can they deliver the modifications you need to make your ERP system all you need it to be? No ERP system comes with everything you want and need out of the box, by choosing an ERP VAR who can offer modifications and 3rd party solutions you can simplify your life be working through them for everything you need.
  3. Do they understand your business? Working with a vendor that does not understand your industry is a huge problem. Be sure to ask them, when the time comes, for references in your industry. Also walk them through a day in the life at your company and be sure to note their reactions, questions, and other comments…do you get the sense they know what they are talking about?
  4. Visit the Vendor: this is in no way a necessity, but going the extra step to visit the company and get a tour or meet the team you will be working with can help you make that final decision. Putting a face to a name (outside of LinkedIn) can be a great way to gauge their knowledge of your industry and just get a general feel for the way the company works as a whole.
  5. Do they have the bandwidth to take you on? Before making your final ERP VAR selection find out if they have the availability and manpower to handle your implementation as best they can. Coming up with a roadmap and timeline can help both you and the VAR decide if this project is something they can handle to your liking.

Remember to always take your time and be thorough, even if you feel like you may be doing too much…Your ERP VAR selection can make or break your implementation. You’ve done all the leg work and spent all of the time whittling your decisions down, be sure you don’t mess it up in the final stretch!

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