Expert ERP Group Redefines Data and Campaigns to Drive Greater Revenue with Less Effort

e2b teknologies has been working in enterprise resource planning (ERP) since before Gartner first coined the term in 1990. That’s when Lynne Henslee, president of e2b teknologies, founded the company with her husband to help customers in industries like manufacturing, distribution, and cannabis develop, implement, and integrate business applications. 

When these customers need help solving big business challenges, they turn to e2b teknologies for help improving inventory accuracy, schedule management, and shipping logistics. And in an age of constant flux and new considerations brought on by the pandemic, these customers need reliable ERP expertise more than ever.

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e2b teknologies is a passionate and experienced team of industry leaders and business advisers providing expert insight, informing companies of advancements within the industry and how they can benefit from them.