Food and Beverage Manufacturing ERP is a Must-Have

Between allergens and contamination, food and beverage manufacturers have a lot they need to be on the lookout for in order to avoid a recall. One of the most common recalls among food and beverage manufacturers is undeclared allergens, meaning the ingredient list didn’t correctly reflect a common allergen such as peanuts or milk. The other two common reasons were contamination with salmonella or listeria. Serious consequences like illness or death of the consumer is the last place a food and beverage manufacturer wants to find themselves.

Despite these consequences, the number of food recalls each year has jumped. From 2010 to 2013, only about 70 recalls were reported by the USDA a year. By 2014, there were 96 recalls. In 2015, that number spiked to 150 recalls. Not only does this cost a food and beverage manufacturer time and money, but it costs a reputation.

One key problem that has been discovered by food safety experts is the use of paper methods to record safety and quality issues. Manufacturing has changed tremendously over the last decade and there are many technologies that can solve this issue, such as food and beverage manufacturing ERP.

Emergency Ready

A food and beverage manufacturing ERP can keep your business emergency ready, before disaster strikes. The system can introduce data into material planning, providing a complete business picture. This type of system puts you in control of your businesses information in case of a recall.

Actual Recalls

Food and beverage manufacturing ERP allows companies to track all customer complaints backwards to understand the scope of who a possible recall has affected. Further, it allows companies to identify which products are at risk and stop production of those items in the supply chain. With lot tracking, food and beverage manufacturers are able to know which products specifically had become contaminated, instead of losing an entire day or week of productivity.

Contaminating the Supply Chain

Regulations are key in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Using a food and beverage manufacturing ERP allows you to set rules for each product to keep you for contaminating an entire supply. When a product first comes into production, it must be inspected and if it doesn’t meet regulation it will be quarantined. This ensures food and beverage manufacturers are meeting all regulations and keeps down wasted product.

With so many regulations to meet and so little room for error, paper methods simply don’t stand a chance in food and beverage manufacturing. Using a food and beverage manufacturing ERP system provides peace of mind in the face of so many recalls.

There is no one-size-fits-all and you have to do some research to find the best ERP solution for you. Read more here.

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