Getting Started: ERP Vendor Selection

In the first part of our guide to getting started on your ERP selection, we learned to identify your business requirements so you can find and select the right ERP for your business. Perhaps by now you’ve chosen a specific ERP system that meets your needs or narrowed it down to your top choices but have some final decisions to make. Either way, it’s time to help you find the right ERP vendor.

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Of course, finding the right ERP solution to serve as your primary business solution is a big decision and the most obvious consideration in the ERP selection process. But the importance of finding the right software partner needs to be a primary driver. A bad fit in implementation partners can lead to a failed implementation or abbreviate what the solution can do for you, holding you back today while also creating more significant setbacks over time.

The Difference

Many ERP vendors offer similar solutions so maybe you’re thinking: what’s the difference? In reality, there are many variations, and it’s not always a good company versus a bad one; it’s about which company is a good fit for yours. It pays to take time to find the perfect fit for your company’s needs and culture.

Comparing all the available vendor options at once would be an impossible task. With the pool of candidates so vast, you’ll first need to narrow down vendors to two or three and consider the following factors when comparing your top ERP providers include:

Select a Proven Solution First

When looking for an ERP vendor, it may feel intuitive to start demoing with vendors who have years of experience and excellent reputations. While those things are important, you first need to determine whether the vendor provides a solution that meets your requirements. Stay clear of the one-size-fits-all packages and focus on the solution you concluded with during your evaluation process. 

Be sure to get answers to key questions.

  • Does the solution address each of the issues you’ve identified in your requirements gathering and include all the modules you need (finance and accounting, HR, inventory, supply chain management, CRM, purchasing, etc.)? 
  • Can the solution be integrated with existing systems? 
  • Can it be customized to fit your unique business requirements?
  • What deployment options do they offer: On-premises, Cloud, Hybrid? 
  • Is it user-friendly?

The Vendor Reputation – Look for Expertise

As you shortlist potential ERP providers, look for vendors with a track record of delivering ROI from the solutions they provide by streamlining, integrating, automating, and improving your industry operations. Research the vendor online through reviews and social media. Find about past and present clients and seek out references from businesses in your industry.

Overall, you’ll want to see a pattern of growth, stability, and responsibility from the corporate office to the support desk from how they treat their customers to how they support their product. 

Don’t Settle on Support

Don’t forget to compare the support program of each vendor in the running the types of support they offer. You want a vendor to provide a comprehensive support package that addresses a wide range of technical needs and skill levels, from requirement analysis to implementation.

Be sure to get answers to key questions.

  • How long will ERP implementation take?
  • In what format do they provide training, and how much time should be allotted?
  • How are ERP user support issues handled, and what are typical response times?
  • How are ERP bug fixes and updates rolled-out (if applicable)?

The Best Approach

Your new ERP will serve as the backbone of your company and change the trajectory of your business. Selecting an ERP vendor is a critical first step in implementing this foundation. Once you’ve identified an ERP vendor offering your preferred ERP solution with a proven track record in your industry and a delivery model that suits your company’s technical infrastructure, make your decision!

If you think it’s time to talk to us, we’re ready to learn about your organization and its unique business requirements.

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