Health Information Services Company Graduates from Quickbooks to Sage Intacct

“QuickBooks is a good product, but as we grew, we eventually outstretched its capabilities and needed to move to a more robust financial system.”

–Todd Vick, president and CFO for Superior Global


Superior Global Solutions provides a complete suite of transcription services, data analytics, and other health information technology to healthcare providers and administrators, had stretched beyond the capabilities of QuickBooks® and needed a more sophisticated accounting and financial management system. Sage Intacct’s cloud model, robust financial functionality, and clean and easy to use interface were all driving factors in Superior Global’s decision. Since going live with Sage Intacct in June of 2011, Superior Global has realized several benefits including improved business visibility, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

A fast growing company in a highly competitive industry, Superior Global recognized that as it had grown, it had developed more sophisticated financial management needs that QuickBooks was not set up to handle. In particular, Superior Global felt limited by the account structure, reporting and data export capabilities of QuickBooks. As transaction volumes grew, automation and elimination of manual processes and reliance on spreadsheets became important. Superior Global also wanted a cloud-based system with 24×7 access to real-time information.

“QuickBooks is a good product, but as we grew, we eventually outstretched its capabilities and needed to move to a more robust financial system,” said Todd Vick, president and CFO for Superior Global Solutions. “We knew that a cloud system would provide improved access for our increasingly distributed workforce, and a system like Sage Intacct would allow us to automate and enhance various manual processes to improve the productivity of our finance department.”

Sage Intacct is well known for its ability to help growing companies increase revenue through faster and more accurate billing, reduce costs by automating manual processes, and make better, faster business decisions by gaining real-time visibility into operational and financial data. Sage Intacct’s extensive pre-built and customizable reporting and dashboard capabilities were important to Superior Global. Sage Intacct allows companies to track and report data using up to 13 dimensions and compare an unlimited number of actual, budget and forecast scenarios – giving users incredible business insight. Plus, Superior now has access to key business information anytime, from anywhere, and from any device – including PCs, Macs, iPads and smart phones.

“The ability to track information along multiple dimensions in Sage Intacct was very important,” said Vick. “There was no way for us to get that level of reporting and analysis in QuickBooks. With Sage Intacct we can easily capture, organize, and analyze both financial and operational data to manage the business more accurately and in much greater detail than ever before – which helps us make faster and better business decisions.”

The Superior Global finance staff is also far more efficient since switching to Sage Intacct. For example, prior to Sage Intacct, the team had to manually enter revenue information into QuickBooks. With Sage Intacct, the order to cash process is automated, saving two to four days of work each month in manual data entry and increasing the confidence in the accuracy of invoicing details. Sage Intacct has also enabled Superior Global to slice a full week off its financial close process.

“The process improvements we’ve been able to make plus the ability to reduce our dependence on Excel spreadsheets have been a huge benefit for us,” added Vick. “One of the nice features we weren’t even aware of going into our deployment was the ability to automate the calculation and entry of deferred revenue in Sage Intacct. This has gone from taking hours each month using a confusing spreadsheet, to a single entry with a solid audit trail for each item. This saves us time and money and enables us to better forecast this part of our business.”

Superior Global implemented Salesforce CRM just prior to adopting Sage Intacct and they are now beginning to leverage Sage Intacct’s tight Salesforce integration. In the future, the company also plans to use Sage Intacct’s extensive multi-entity and multi-currency capabilities to process and consolidate transactions from its international operations.

“We have been very pleased with our move to Sage Intacct,” said Vick. “We’ve gained a powerful financial system that will scale with us as we continue to grow. From better financial visibility to improved processes, switching to Sage Intacct has really paid off for us. Sage Intacct will pay for itself within the first year we’ve been using it.”



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