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There is specialized software for every industry imaginable and home health care and hospice care providers are no different. But should you pick an industry-specific application which likely has great features but may lack core accounting functionality and may be based on older technologies. Or do you select a more modern accounting platform like Sage Intacct and build out integrations to specialized home health or hospice care systems?

There is no right answer to this question. Home health and hospice businesses must carefully evaluate all of their options and match them to their current and future business requirements.

In our opinion, smaller home health or hospice providers are likely best served with an industry-specific application because their accounting needs are relatively basic and many of these application integrate to inexpensive accounting applications like QuickBooks. According to user ratings on Capterra, some of the more popular home health and hospice care business application options are listed below. Please note these are listed in order based on the number of reviews and not based on the actual rating of each application:

1.      firstHOSPICE
2.      gEHRiMed
3.      Homecare Homebase
4.      AlayaCare
5.      Optima Hospice
6.      Suncoast by Complia Health
7.      Radekal
8.      Careficient AMS
9.      Crescendo by Delta Health
10.    MedBillit
11.     HealthWyse

Another great source to find reviews on home health and hospice care business software is SoftwareAdvice.com. Below are a few additional products (in no particular order) that you may want to consider.

12.      Axxess
13.      AxisCare
14.      Brightree Home Health & Hospice
15.      ClearCare
16.      Alora Home Health
17.      MatrixCare
18.      TherapySync
19.      DeVero
20.      HEALTHCAREfirst
21.      Kinnser Agency Manager
22.      CareVoyant
23.      Igea HHC
24.   ContinuLink
25.   McKesson Homecare
26.   KanTime
27.   Rosemark
28.   Savii Care
29.   Suncoast
30.   therapyBoss
31.   TheraTracker
32.   Ankota
33.   Procura
34.   Footprints
35.   MEDsys

A quick search online and you’ll find additional options including products like:

36.      HomeTrak
37.      HomeCare Accounting Solutions (HAS)
38.      ContinuLink
39.      FasterNotes
40.      RoseMarkSystem
41.      AdaCare
42.      August Systems
43.      HCStrategies
44.      HospiceSoft
45.      GoProcura
46.      Medisked
47.   WeCounsel
48.   CareTime
49.   HealthCareSynergy
50.   AmediSoft
51.   CM2000
52.   Clin1
53.   ClinicPro
54.   Advantecis
55.   EZDS
56.   MyGenesys
57.   Healthware

As you can clearly see, there are many options out there and there are probably as many additional applications that aren’t listed here. Each product has its strengths and weaknesses and you’ll likely find several that will fit your company’s needs.

In our experience, however, larger home health or hospice agencies should carefully consider the products above paying special attention to the technology platform, availability of integration tools, and the underlying accounting features to ensure that the applications will sufficiently support your specific needs. For example, many larger, multi-site organizations may be better served by finding a strong accounting product like Sage Intacct from the general market that natively supports multiple business entities and dimensions within the general ledger for more control over financial reporting. They can then work with a consulting partner to integrate one of the industry-specific applications to the core accounting creating a holistic and robust top-down solution to effectively manage every aspect of their business.

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