Hospice of Wichita Falls Automates Time & Attendance with Rapid 3-Month ROI

“Sage Time and Attendance is ideal. Our employees access it from their tablets, smart phones, or laptop computers. It’s fast and intuitive, and the whole staff loves it.”

– Hospice of Wichita Falls



Both the National Business Institute and the Hospice of Wichita Falls faced challenges collecting, approving, and processing their time and attendance data. Manual or disconnected systems Added to the administrative burden. Complex policies and rules were difficult to enforce and required a great deal of troubleshooting during payroll processing.



Sage Time and Attendance is a powerful, configurable, and user friendly web-based workforce management solution that interfaces directly with Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Payroll.



Sage Time and Attendance paid for itself in just three months at Hospice of Wichita Falls. A variety of data collection options support a mobile workforce. The elimination of manual data Improves accuracy and compliance and saves a substantial amount of time.


Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity clocks up efficiency Two organizations realize a rapid return on investment

Too often, collecting employees’ time and attendance data involves a series of manual steps and a long paper trail. Employees may use stand-alone time clocks, spreadsheets, or paper time tickets to collect and communicate their hours worked—all of which require manual data entry by the employees, their supervisors, and the payroll staff.

The National Business Institute (NBI) and the Hospice of Wichita Falls are two organizations that have successfully streamlined these processes. Thanks to Sage Time and Attendance by Insperity and Sage HRMS Payroll, they have eliminated the manual steps involved in time collection and payroll processing, replacing them with an efficient, powerful, and user-friendly time and attendance solution that both employees and management praise.


Reduced administrative burden

Both organizations’ manual processes added hours to payroll processing. Typically, the largest burden fell on the payroll staff who scrambled to ensure they were working with accurate and complete data.

Using Sage Time and Attendance, employees clock in and out on supported time clocks, desktop computer, or mobile devices. Supervisors and managers access time and attendance information in real time and receive alerts concerning missed punches, late arrivals, or schedule changes. They can make necessary edits and approvals or catch potential issues such as an approaching overtime situation. A configurable approval workflow routes time off requests automatically, eliminating the need to track these employee requests manually.

Through this proactive management of employees’ time, both organizations see fewer issues requiring resolution by the payroll department staff. “We’ve moved the issues down the chain where they can be resolved more quickly,” says Yvonne Williams, human resource manager at NBI. “It really makes everyone’s job easier.”


Eliminate the paper trail

The National Business Institute’s 100 employees had been filling out and submitting paper timesheets for years. “Some graduated to spreadsheets, but it was still inefficient. We had to pass those timesheets to the supervisors for approval, collect them again, and hand enter the data into Sage HRMS Payroll,” explains Williams.

Monitoring time off requests was a similar manual process, as was tracking down missing timesheets at payroll time. “We spent way too much time shuffling through stacks of paper or calling employees and supervisors at home in order to complete payroll data entry,” Williams recalls.

The Sage Time and Attendance solution automates previous manual processes and the associated paper trail, saving the organization time and improving the accuracy of its data.


Handle the complexities

Sage Time and Attendance provides optimum configurability, supporting even the most complicated policies and calculations.

“We have a very complex payroll and didn’t think we could find a time collection solution that could handle the variables like oncall pay, shift differentials, salaried and hourly, holiday pay, and mileage,” explains Rob Propp, director of human resources for Hospice of Wichita Falls. “Sage Time and Attendance handles all our policies with ease.”

With nearly 90 percent of its workforce working outside of the office, collecting time and attendance data is further complicated. “Our payroll may be complex, but we wanted a very simple and clean interface for our employees to use,” says Propp. “We didn’t want clocking in and out to interfere with spending time with our patients. With Sage Time and Attendance, our employees access it from their tablets, smart phone, or laptop computers. It’s fast and intuitive and the whole staff loves it.”


Seamless integration with Sage HRMS

Both companies made the move to Sage Time and Attendance after careful review. Confidence came from the fact that it is a Sage endorsed solution and that it provides a seamless integration with Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Payroll.

The integration is bidirectional. Timesheets are easily imported into Sage HRMS Payroll and new hires entered in Sage HRMS are immediately set up in Sage Time and Attendance.

Flexible approval workflows help streamline the review and sign-off processes. “Our employees initiate a time off request in the software and that request is automatically routed to their supervisor for approval,” says Williams. “They can check their balances, and even view a calendar of scheduled time off to ensure we’ve got coverage.”


Ensure compliance

NBI recently underwent a payroll audit and received high praise from the auditors for the ease in which the company could provide all the necessary compliance data. “They appreciated the system’s security features, its electronic audit trail, the fact that all attendance records were available in electronic format, and our ability to provide them with the data they needed so quickly using the various reports we’ve configured,” notes Williams.


Return on investment in just three months

“Sage Time and Attendance paid for itself within three months,” says Propp. “Tasks that used to take us many hours now take us only minutes. We’ve met all our payroll deadlines easily and with much less stress since going live with Sage Time and Attendance.”

Hospice of Wichita Falls is also saving the salary of one full-time staff member. “When an individual in our payroll department left the company, we found we didn’t need to replace them thanks to the efficiencies and time savings provided by Sage Time and Attendance,” adds Propp.

Propp says his staff is using the time savings to tactical advantage. “We’re able to spend more time on strategic planning and other higher-level tasks that we didn’t have time for in the past.”

Williams at NBI notices a similar benefit: “I’m making better use of my time. Rather than chasing paper I can look for additional efficiencies and improvements that help our organization prosper.”



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