International Project Management Day

Today is International Project Management Day, celebrated the first Thursday in November annually to bring awareness to project-driven businesses and project managers in every industry including who contribute their time, energy, creativity, innovation, and countless hours to deliver products and services around the world.

The international project management day is intended to encourage project based organizations worldwide or organizations who utilize project management methodologies to schedule some type of recognition event within their organizations or coordinated locally with others to truly demonstrate appreciation for the achievements of project managers and their teams.

Implementing business software like ERP is extremely difficult and requires the keen eye of a seasoned project manager. Our staff includes several individuals with project management responsibilities to ensure that implementations are on-time and on-budget. They work with our customers on time frames, schedules, and collaborate with their staff and our consulting and development teams on every aspect of their business systems from initial setup and configuration to on-going maintenance, support, customizations, integrations, and upgrades.

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