Truly optimized inventory management is within reach!
Correctly balancing demand versus stock overages and outages is an age-old problem especially when demand fluctuates and just-in-time depends on less-than-steady supply chains. But all of that is about to change . . . stop wishing you knew the right amount of what to order when and let Sage Inventory Advisor help you put best practices into place!

  • Quit stocking what you don’t sell. Sounds basic, but do you know what products you’re not selling and how much of it you have on hand? Sage Inventory Advisor can recommend optimal replenishment information and automatically calculate min./max. levels.
  • Accurately forecast. No one has a magic ball, but “right-sizing” inventory levels to avoid stock outs and meet demand, as well as minimize overages, are critical to keeping your business profitable. Sage Inventory Advisor takes decision making to a whole new level with risk assessments as well as early warnings and alerts—it even lists top under- and over-forecasted items for further analysis and action.
  • Fill every container. When you’re reordering stock, you want to take advantage of every inch of the container you’re shipping. Sage Inventory Advisor can help you intelligently pick which items should be used to “top off “containers based on which items have the most back orders, cost, weight, and size.
  • Access information wherever you are1. In the twenty-first century almost no one stops working at 5 p.m. or is sitting at a desk all day—we expect to have answers at our fingertips 24/7 no matter where we are. With Sage Inventory Advisor, you are not tied to a local server, you enjoy worry-free software updates, and take comfort in the security of your data—all while having access to your information anytime, anywhere thanks to a cloud-based deployment.
  • Know your best suppliers. You may think you have good working relationships with certain suppliers, but do the numbers hold true? With Sage Inventory Advisor, you can accurately identify good or poor performers as well as set dynamic safety stock based on supply risk.
  • Integrate with your ERP. You’ve already entered the data; why not use it for everything? Sage Inventory Advisor integrates with your Sage ERP solution to help you easily get the inventory, demand, and supplier information already available from across your organization.

“The (Sage Inventory Advisor) solution has exceeded our expectations in that we now have visibility on a daily basis of what we need to order. The effects of improved availability are already being felt on the bottom line, and we are confident that our inventory turns will continue to increase.”

David Dworcan, Managing director, Sandpit (Building Material)

Learn how since implementing Sage Mobile Sales, this companies sales went up by 16 percent. Read the case study here.

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