The IPO and Beyond: Why Sage Intacct is the Right Choice for Financial Management

For a thriving business, the IPO is a major milestone. However, the IPO also brings to the finance team a new set of reporting, accounting, and control burdens. One important way to improve your IPO readiness is to deploy a modern, IPO-ready financial management system at least 12-36 months in advance. Entry-level software might handle the needs of a growing company for a few months, but it is not IPO-ready software. Legacy financial systems are inflexible, lacking the features, controls, and the analytical capabilities you need as a public company.

Of course, the IPO isn’t the finish line. Post-IPO, the finance team must focus on a changing set of essential requirements in the journey of building a successful company. To manage the challenges of being a public company, you need a system that supports operational growth and strategic complexity. Intacct meets the needs of companies before and after an IPO with:

These capabilities are among the reasons that the AICPA selected Intacct as its preferred provider of financial applications.

The Four Keys to IPO Preparedness

1. Streamlined financial processes

Intacct enables your company to be IPO-ready with financials built on well-
documented, organized transactions and balances for faster period closes, accurate financials, and easy auditability.

2. Robust internal controls

IPO preparation must include robust internal controls that demonstrate the effectiveness of your accounting and reporting processes. Intacct focuses solely on financial management, with 100 percent of all R&D going toward finance/accounting challenges, so your financial controls are always IPO-ready.

3. Skilled financial staff

Comprehensive automation lets you manage growth without hiring extra staff to perform manual work. With a more ef ficient closing process and stronger reporting, your team can focus on more than just
churning out reports.

4. Best-in-class business systems

Intacct is a best-in-class financial management system built to integrate with other business solutions.

The Four Keys to Post-IPO Success

1. Fast and accurate financial reporting

s your public company grows, your finance team must evolve to manage
global expansion, support M& A events, and build a best-in-class ecosystem of business solutions.

2. Regulatory compliance

Post-IPO, there is much greater scrutiny on your financial reporting from the SEC, auditors, analysts, investors, and the media.

3. Focus on the forecast

As your forecast on future results become public, your ability to meet that forecast is scrutinized more heavily than the actual forecast. Intacct enables greater insight into business operations, so you can fine-tune your forecast for greater accuracy.

4. Data visibility

Going public means executives spend less time on growth and more time managing a variety of costs. This shifting focus on the bottom line is an implicit change that CFOs must figure out quickly before enduring a missed earnings forecast.


Many aspects of your finance team and processes will change before and after the IPO. With Intacct as your financial-management software foundation, you will be better prepared to manage these new complexities. Go public with Sage Intacct and benefit from:

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