Medical Billing Software: Practice Management vs. Specialized Applications

Many healthcare and medical providers use medical or healthcare practice management software that includes medical billing features. Other medical practices may need more functionality than their current medical practice management software can offer so they use specialized medical billing software that typically has a lot more functionality.

The good news for medical practices is that if your medical billing feels like its out of control then you have many great options. You could find a specialized medical billing application that integrates out of the box for the products you use today, choose a best of breed approach regardless of existing integration and work with a company like e2b teknologies to build the integration, or you can completely replace your medical practice management software with an application that has stronger medical billing functionality.

When evaluating medical billing software (or medical billing modules within medical practice management applications), consider more than just the billing features and functions. Consider the application platform (desktop or cloud), underlying technologies (databases, programing languages, hardware requirements, etc.), customization and integration tools, availability of third party applications, and access to innovative solutions for medical invoice collections, document management, and mobility.

While there are many great sites online to get information on popular medical billing products, there are few that are as extensive as Capterra. We really like this directory because it’s completely agnostic from the medical industry providing an unbiased view of some of the top options for medical billing. In fact, the directory includes user ratings which is one indicator of how popular one medical billing or medical practice management application may be (compared to others) and each product has user reviews to help you understand what peers think of the vendor and the product alike.

The key to evaluating medical billing software is to look at multiple products. Consider some from our list and the Capterra directory, ask colleagues and peers what they use or recommend, and get input from your medical or healthcare association or visit specialized trade shows to see who’s exhibiting.

Below are a few of the (literally) hundreds of medical practice management products that offer medical billing as well as some specialized medical billing software applications.

NextGen Medical Billing
TheraNest Mental Health
MediTouch Medical Billing
Speedy Claims
Eclipse by MPN Software
Genesis Chiropractic Software
Nextech Practice
WRS Health
DocuTAP for Urgent Care
VelociDoc Urgent Care EMR
Medical Billing Services
Insta HMS
Intelligent Medical Software
CollaborateMD PMS
Quanum RCM
EZClaim Medical Billing

Keep in mind that many of the products above offer holistic medical practice management and not just simply medical billing while others specialize in medical billing. You may also be interested in our very own Anytime Collect product which is a popular medical bill collection automation application to help medical practices get paid faster with less effort.

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