Medical Device ERP: Creating Efficiencies

In the first part of our medical device ERP series, we covered the basics of what you should look for in a medical device ERP system. The ability to manage rapid growth, product traceability, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction were all top of the list for an ERP system. In this second part of the series, we will be covering how to create manufacturing efficiency using medical device ERP.

  1. Family-of-Parts

    Using a medical device ERP to manage tools and dies can make the manufacturing process much easier. You can achieve by using the system to pinpoint tooling conflicts, identify and scrap individual pieces and manage change requirements. This allows for less waste and less time spent identifying faulty pieces.

  2. Quality Control

    The manufacturing process will become stronger and more reliable with the implementation of medical device ERP. Using the system will allow you analyze real-time data that shows if the process is out of tolerance. This prevents bad devices from being sent to customers and allows the problem to be solved quickly.

  3. Real-Time Information

    No matter how many locations you have, you should be able to access real-time manufacturing data from all of them using medical device ERP. Having access to this type of data helps to anticipate the problem before it occurs and prevent issues. This reduces waste and downtime.

  4. Elimination of Manual Processes

    Medical device ERP completely eliminates the need for manual processes, whether it is gathering data or identifying where on the timeline a process went wrong. Halting processes because you have to gathering information manually is time consuming and can result in errors leading to significant costs.

Once you have chosen the right medical device ERP that can cover the basics, it is then crucial to ensure it can create efficiency in your manufacturing processes. Using and ERP system that does not help to cut down on wasted time or product is not a good investment. Medical device ERP should offer real-time data that allows for more visibility and efficiency.

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