October 12 | Moment of Frustration Day

If ever there was a day to celebrate for computer and software people – could this be it? We’ve all experienced the frustrations of technology when our computers crash, software won’t load, or our phones won’t charge. But there are ways to reduce your frustration – whether induced by technology or life in general.

Dragos Roua has 33 tips to reduce frustration on his blog and you’ll find 10 more in WebMD’s article on Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress.

While technology may cause stress and frustration, it can also alleviate much of your stress. ERP software for example is a great tool to automate almost every part of your business. We know that it can be very frustrating but imagine running your business for a day without it? Impossible – or darn near impossible.

ERP is the core of everything we do. Without it we wouldn’t know what inventory we have on hand or if we’re turning a profit. And how could we possibly live without those critical reports? We’re not being sarcastic here – every one of us has that one report that we live and die by every week. It could be the weekly sales report or website report or something else. But without the insights gained through reporting and analytics software, we simply couldn’t do our jobs as effectively.

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