Put Your Business in the Cloud to Rise above COVID-19

The speed of modern businesses and the COVID-19 pandemic have forced millions of Americans to begin working remotely. And whether you’re clocking-in from a dedicated home office or a spot at the kitchen table, you’re likely dealing with new connectivity and productivity issues while also managing some new distractions.

During this pandemic, the need for the instant connectivity and availability of resources enabled by the cloud can be seen everywhere, on television screens, in vehicles, on mobile phones, and even pushing data to devices on our wrists.

It is hard to imagine a world without cloud technology. Startup companies like Netflix, Uber, and Instagram couldn’t exist without it. From the images we post to the media we consume to our personal banking – it’s all made possible by the technology that continues to transform businesses and people across the globe – the cloud. 

Before the cloud  

Consider the old ways of doing business that required staff chained to a desk or reliant on paper documents passed from department to department. Without cloud technology, even short distances would bring challenges for collaboration between teams. Employees were left unable to access business data in real-time, creating a less-intelligent decision-making process that took longer. 

Making the cloud work for your business

The last thing most remote workers want to manage is having to take on more just to make telecommuting work. The good news is that cloud-based technology can make working from home more efficient and some of the tools you may have been using before the pandemic.  

Here are some ways your business can continue to leverage the cloud to rise above COVID-19:

  • Remain On-the-go

Most of the population around the globe relies on their smartphone – that little hand-held device that keeps us connected throughout the day. But those devices would be reduced to a simple tool to make calls without the cloud.

Many of the same desktop apps you use for productivity have a mobile version, including your email, Google Docs, Dropbox, Teams, and more.  

The cloud provides a rapid experience and access to data compared to the old way of synching both online and offline data to our mobile devices.

  • Using Real-Time Data in Decisions

When your company is working from real-time, readily available data, you can do better forecasting while anticipating bottlenecks before they happen. By working proactively, you get greater resilience.

The cloud is also what allows your teams to meet virtually and easily share information in real-time. With current information easily accessible in the cloud, you can run your teams from anywhere.

  • Get Streaming

Cloud companies make it easy for users and organizations to stream content around the globe. When we look around, video streaming services are growing and getting better. If Netflix didn’t have a scalable and rapid content delivery system, it would still be mailing DVDs through the mail. 

We’re not recommending you stream Netflix a while you’re remote working, of course. Still, if Skype, Zoom, or Hangouts lacked these cloud conveniences, we wouldn’t have the smooth experience we enjoy today.

Fueled by the cloud and coronavirus, video streaming capabilities are already impacting healthcare, customer service, law enforcement, financial services, tourism, and of course, entertainment. 

  • Increased Data Security

Data security is a significant concern in any organization, small or large. 

Cloud service providers offer an additional layer of security along with built-in features that secure their platforms and the data they process, such as authentication, access control, and encryption. 

Data breaches and other cybercrimes can destroy your company’s reputation, profits, as well as your customers’ faith in your company. Cloud-based technology offers enhanced security features that remain up-to-date and ensure your data is stored and transmitted securely. 

Time for Action

By using cloud-based solutions, you can prevent multiple problems and remain flexible to make smart decisions. Organizations recognize cloud technology benefits and witness how they impact their security, collaboration, production, and even revenue. 

As today’s cloud adoption increases due to the circumstances, it’s beginning to define how businesses will interact in the post-pandemic era. If your company is still hesitant about its pathway to the cloud, let us answer your questions.

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