A few years back we exhibited at the Scaling New Heights QuickBooks Conference promoting our Anytime Collect product. We were positioned in a corner booth next to Matt Clark of the company QB or Not QB. Of course, we loved the company name and Matt seemed like a nice enough guy but what was interesting was watching what happened at his booth.

We would see people come up to his booth with huge smiles and laughs saying things like, “Man am I glad to see you again,” or “I just wanted to stop by and thank you so much for all the help,” or “I was told by another vendor that I had to come see you.”

And once when Matt stepped away from the booth we saw a lady waiting there patiently for him to return. We told her we thought he’d be right back and she told us that she would wait and just wanted to thank him personally for all of his assistance. We took this opportunity to learn a bit more about QB or not QB. We discovered from her that Matt’s company specializes in fixing QuickBooks problems and she said that they’re the best. She said he fixed problems no one else could fix and that she’d tried in vain for several years to get someone to address their issues and were ready to re-implement QuickBooks until they found Matt’s company.

Pretty impressive. We personally have never worked with QB or Not QB but watching all the visitors at their booth at a single trade show convinced us that without a doubt they should be contacted by any QuickBooks user that is experiencing performance or data issues. Our guess is that Matt and his team will get you back in order fast and at a reasonable cost.

Based in Northern California, QB or Not QB’s supports customers across the United States. Their services include QB Audit Disclosure for isolating data in a time period for legal matters; QB Shrink for performance improvement; conversion between QB Enterprise to Pro or Premier Editions; data cleanup (including customer records, inventory records, journal entries), mass updates, and more.

With over 4 million customers worldwide, there will always be issues in any product and QuickBooks is no different. Further, many companies have stretched QuickBooks well beyond its limits which can cause performance issues, data issues, or other issues related to database size, conflicts with third party plug-ins, and other incompatibilities.

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