Sage 500 ERP System Manager

Sophisticated tools are included in Sage 500 ERP System Manager that ensure data integrity, streamline processing, and deliver enhanced security management. With System Manager, you can configure system and workstation settings, user security, and more. The module’s data dictionary provides utilities for viewing and maintaining database files and enables you to modify and create your own custom databases and indices. Flexible period-end and year-end closing routines allow you to process, archive, and purge transactions on a schedule tailored to fit they way you operate your business. Features of the System Manager include:

  • Save time digging through data and easily prioritize your most pressing issues. Click through five smart tabs and you’re instantly updated on the health of your business.
  • Chart trends and track progress for a variety of important factors using the Favorite Views tab.
  • Remotely manage customer records and review customer-related inquiries such as Payments, Receivables, Invoices, and Orders.
  • Stay up to the minute with the Business Status Report (BSR) screen, which includes cash balances, forecasts, and inventory values.
  • Remotely manage vendor records and review vendor-related inquiries.
  • Drill down into your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, or Purchase Order modules from one handy General Ledger account view.
  • While working through a Web browser, use Contact view to look up your customer and vendor information through easy-to-sort lists.
  • The Message Center allows you to communicate proactively with your team. With remote access through the Dashboard, you gain flexibility to focus on your business. Plus, check your messages, return calls, and track order placement–all from one screen.

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