Sage 500 ERP Training & Customization Resources

There are many resources available for Sage 500 ERP system administrators and users to learn how to effectively manage Sage 500 ERP or how to best use the software. These include the online help system, Sage University, online forums, and certified consultants. Read on to learn more. Help System

Sage 500 ERP (MAS 500) 7.0 and later:

As of Sage 500 ERP 7.0, the Help System has been expanded to provide immediate access to help within all tasks. To access help, click the Help button in the toolbar of each task to display Help for the specific task.

Sage 500 ERP 6.30 and earlier:

Online Help is the primary resource for obtaining information about Sage 500 ERP. Help is installed with the client software and is available from Sage 500 ERP windows, as well as the Business Desktop or older LaunchPad.

  • Business Desktop (Sage 500 ERP 6.1 and later):
  • On the Help menu, click Information and Support Center. This presents general information, as well as the links to the user guides that are installed locally
  • Help is divided primarily into three sections:
  • User Guides – General information about module usage and system settings
  • Module Information – Overview and frequently asked questions
  • Task Information – Procedures on working with specific tasks
  • Click the Complete index and full-text search link to search for specific keywords and access module and task information (version 6.2 and later).
  • LaunchPad (Sage 500 ERP 6.2 and earlier):
  • Click the Help (?) button on the LaunchPad to access Online Help. The same information as above is generally available. Click Help Topics for index and search functions.
  • Task Window
  • Click on the Help (?) button on the toolbar to access Online Help for that task.
  • Right-click specific fields or buttons, and click What’s This? for help specific to that field or button.
Sage University

Live and recorded training was previously provided by Sage for Sage 500 ERP through Sage University. As of 2013, there are very few courses available live for Sage 500 users. Sage University training and resources are only available to customers with active Business Care plans. Recorded training, called Anytime Learning, is available through the Sage University as well.

User Communities

A number of user communities exist for Sage 500 including Sage City which is Sage’s online user community, a general Sage 500 Group on LinkedIn and a User Group on LinkedIn. Another source for training and information is the annual Sage Summit User Conference.

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