The beautiful part of Intacct and SaaS cloud accounting software is that it is truly scalable unlike any other business application. Yeah – you’ve heard that before from everyone else. But it’s true. Some of the smallest Intacct users only have a few people accessing the software while some of the largest have hundreds of users inside the software every single day. Intacct defines their target market as companies with between 5 to 2000 employees.

Companies and organizations outgrowing QuickBooks are a perfect fit for Intacct which offers much deeper accounting functionality, better integration with specialized third party applications, and a very low entry-level cost starting at under $10,000 annually. Now that might sound like a lot to a small company but consider that you don’t have to buy a server, you never have to upgrade your operating system, you don’t have to hire IT staff, and you don’t have to license or administer a database. Those costs alone will easily add up to much more than your investment in Intacct.

Intacct has a very unique way of managing multiple companies where each entity can operate independently inside the same system with 100% built-in consolidations to the parent entity. Further, the pure SaaS deployment makes it the perfect solution for geographically dispersed businesses. You can manage headquarters in Erie, PA; a distribution center in Kalamazoo, MI; service centers in Asheville, NC and Topeka, KS; and a sales office in Knoxville, TN – all from the same system without any overhead for hosting, virtual private networks, or server farms. And that’s just within one company. You could manage a holding company and literally hundreds of subsidiary businesses inside Intacct with a real-time consolidated view of financials – something that’s simply not available in traditional systems unless you’re ready to pay millions for SAP or Oracle.

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